Phones for People with Bad Credit

Are you looking for a mobile contract but suffering from bad credit? Are you a new customer that has never had a mobile contract before? Well we are here to help you! We specialise I helping people with bad credit get a mobile contract. We provide guides and tips to help you through every step of your application from start to finish. They can all be found here right here a The best place to start your application is with the networks directly, links can be found below. Applying direct with the networks will increase your chance of being accepted rather that apply through a mobile retailer. See the networks with the highest acceptance rates for people with bad credit below.

#1 T-Mobile has been the most successful network for our bad credit and no credit users so far. People applying for SIM only contracts seem to increase your acceptance rate. This will also help you build confidence with the next work so you can get a free phone with a contract later on.

Apply to T-Mobile

#2 Orange mobile also seem to be a favoured network with our users receiving a high level of positive feedback. One month rolling contracts seem to be popular for new customer with no credit history. This builds up there credit history while giving them flexibility with their other commitments.

Apply to Orange

#3 Three Mobile offer a great range of low cost contract deals to their customers. Three have a great range of SIM only deals starting from as low as £10 a month with 100 minutes, 3000 text and 1GB or data. Handset deals can also be found from as little as £18 per month.

Apply to Three Mobile

#4 Virgin Mobile are new to the mobile market and are expanding at a rapped rate which means they are taking a number of new customers on every day. SIM only deals are the best way to increase you acceptance rate when applying for a bad credit mobile deal from Virgin.

Apply to Virgin Mobile

#5 Applying with Vodafone for a bad credit phone deals is not as easy to obtain as other networks. We suggest trying one of the other networks before try Vodafone. If you do still want to go with Vodafone your best bet is to apply for a low cost SIM only deal.

Apply to Vodafone

#6 O2 offer a great range of deals and benefits for their customers, which makes them a great network to be with. They are not however known for offering great deals on their phone for people with bad credit. We suggest sticking with a low cost phone contract or SIM contract for the highest acceptance rates.

Apply to O2

Our Guide to getting the best Acceptance Rate if your Applying for a Mobile Phone and have Bad Credit History

If you are about to apply for a mobile phone or mobile broadband contract and you think you that your credit history may affect your application then this is the guide for you. If you are suffering from bad credit or no credit this guide will give you the help and advise you need to increase your chance of successfully apply for a phone contract online.

Getting a mobile phones with bad credit

It seems that once you get branded with bad credit everything you apply to do to get yourself back on the track to good credit just ends up being rejected. A Mobile phone is becoming an essential accessory to every body’s life but get one with bad credit can be hard. Well if you follow our tips on how to get a mobile phone with bad or adverse credit you could increase your chance of being accepted just by following a few simple unknown facts. First off when applying for a phone you should always apply with the networks directly as they will offer you the best chance of being accepted. You can find links to the networks in the table above. The networks above have also been ordered in which one have the best acceptance rates. The second thing you must do is be realistic with the choice of contract you go for. Try to not go over £25 a month for any contract and stick with older handsets as they are less of a risk to the networks. Better still your chance of a successful application will increase if you chose a SIM only deal first off. This way the risk is reduced to the network as they are not giving away a handset. This way you can build up your reputation with the network and apply for a phone at a later date. Many networks offer SIM only deals on one month rolling contracts which is great for bad credit customers. So to recap

  1. Apply to the networks direct
  2. Be realistic with your choice of contracts
  3. Choose the network offering the best acceptance rate
  4. Stay with older handset and deals below £25 per month
  5. Why not try starting off with a SIM only deal which offer the best acceptance rates

Getting a mobile phones with no credit history

Applying for a phone without have any credit history what so ever is treated in the same way as being a bad credit customer. If you have no credit history then you should follow the guide above for bad credit customers. We wish you the best of luck with the application of your fist contract.

Applying for an iPhone or high end handset with poor credit

IPhone’s are very popular mobile phones and are advertised everywhere. However they are also a very expensive phone for the networks therefore applying for an iphone can draw more attention to your credit history and reduce your chance of being accepted on a new phone contract. For these reason we suggest that people with bad credit or people with no credit try to avoid applying for the latest iPhone handset and try for a more mid range mobile handset instead. This rule also applies to most new high end handset that is release by the network. The higher the price of the contract or handset the more your chances of being accepted are reduced. We suggest not going for a pay monthly contract of over £25 a month and to try and go with a SIM only deal if possible. This will give you the highest chance of approval.

Have you already been refused a contract phone?

If you have already been refused a contract we suggest that you leave at least 7 to 14 days before you reapply. Re-applying straight after you have been refused a contract is not good for your credit rating and usually only mean that you will be refused a contract again. You should read our guide and try to see where you went wrong with your application and revisit the site when you’re ready to apply again to see which network is offering the best acceptance rate because they do change.

Bad Credit SIM only Deals. Are they the best way to go?

SIM only deals do seem to be the best option for bad credit customers. The networks are most likely to accept your application on a SIM only deal as there is little risk for them to take. The bad credit customers benefit from a reduced cost of service, network benefits, shorter contracts and the ability to build their trust with a network. Shorter contract times are usually the biggest appeal for people with bad credit or no credit. A credit history can change quite dramatically in a short period of time so using a one month rolling SIM only contract can build your credit history to the point where the network offer you a free phone on a new contract in a matter of months. SIM only deals are available in 1 month, 12 month, 18 month and 24 month contract lengths.

How to tell if it bad credit stopping me from get a phone contract

If you are not sure if it is bad credit that is affecting your application to the networks, or you want to make sure that it is bad credit that is holding you back. You can use this link to check your credit report for free.